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From Ex Sirsi Helipad
As the name indicates this place is specialized in the shrine of Kedar (lord Shiva) and is probably very visited spiritual spots in the pilgrimage circuit that is indian. Situated at the altitude of 3,580 meter from sea level, Kedarnath is one regarding the four holy places that encircle the Chardham that is famous Yatra. Considered to be one of the 12 Jyotirlings of Lord Shiva, Kedarnath shrine is considered as the heaven of every pilgrim and this is why people brave the hilly that is distant to kedarnath and in spite of its being the remotest site in most Chardhams, it always crowded with devotes. The Mandakini River flowing by this spot that is sacred the ideal setting to wash away one’s sins. But, pilgrimage just isn’t always about washing an individual’s sins but to look for one’s soul.

Located in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand, the time that is present shrine was set up by Adi Guru Sankarachrya. There are far more than 200 shrines dedicated to Lord Shiva in Chamoli region itself, the most one that’s crucial Sri Kedarnath and the religious zest when blended with the pure beauty associated with destination enhances the charm of this mountain laced region. The architecture that is elegantly carved of temple is more than a 1000 years of age. Nevertheless, the temple that is original built by the Pandavas of Mahabharata therefore the mythology speaks for the Pandavas praying right here to wash off their sins of killing more and more people after winning the great battle at Kurukshetra. The story also refers to your ‘hide and look for’ battle played between Bhima, among the Pandavas and Lord Shiva. The results of this game now appears in an idol that is incomplete kedarnath and the residual parts are worshipped at places like Rudranath, Madmaheshwar, Tungnath, and Kalpeshwar. These spots are together referred to as Panch Kedar.

The altitude that is high the winter months at Kedarnath very hard ( GVML Kedarnath Helicopter Ticket Return Same Day From Sirsi ). Hence, the temple only remains open for 6 Month before the cold weather sets in month. The gate closes during Diwali and opens yet again in May. The opening of date of Kedarnath Temple depends regarding the Shiva Ratri together with priests within the temple fix it. During this period that is closed people visit another nearby temple called Baba Baironath.

There are numerous other places of interest in and around Kedarnath such as Gandhi Sarovar and Gaurikund. There is also Triyuginarayan, said to be the wedding venue of Lord Shiva and Parvati and a flame at the spot is perpetually kept ablaze. Kedarnath can also be the spot that is ideal mountain trekking and beautiful treks leading through the virgin jungles and windy mountains are really a favorite among adventure recreations fans. You can start trekking from Gaurikund itself. The celestial Jyotirling is treated as to posses the divine existence that can offer salvation to those whom die at this land that is holy. And one could find the road to heaven at Mahapanth beyond the shrine.

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About Kedarnath

GVML Kedarnath Helicopter Ticket  Return Same Day From Ex Sirsi

Kedarnath is one of the most sacred pilgrimages of Lord Shiva located in Rudraprayag district of Garhwal region in Uttarakhand. Kedarnath is amongst the Char Dham in Uttarakhand plus the most dham that is important Panchkedar. Kedarnath is situated at an altitude of 3586 mts, in the lap of the hill that is majestic and near the top of river Mandakini. In the Kedarnath range stands one of the twelve Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva.

Good news for the Pilgrims now, as can be performed by frequent helicopter service to kedarnath plying at short period of time everyday. Yatris can book their tickets in advance to avail the service, many charter companies have resumed the GVML Kedarnath Helicopter Ticket Return Next Day.people can vist the kedarnath temple and return back again to Sirsi on Next Day or want to stay overnight and come back next day by helicopter.

The trekking being hard, Kedarnath Helicopter Services is providing Kedarnath Ji Helicopter Online Booking since the season 2012. A few thousand Yatris have done their Kedarnath Helicopter scheduling through the Kedarnath Helicopter Service Online Booking given by Kedarnath Helicopter.
Note : Priority Darshan Charges: Rs.1100/- per person

GVML Kedarnath Helicopter Ticket

You too can book your GVML Kedarnath Helicopter Tickets online from the comfort of your home. The Kedarnath Helicopter Service on line Booking process is safe and simple. Even you can view the video and book your Helicopter tickets for Kedarnath without any difficulty if you’re reserving the Helicopter tickets for Kedarnath for the first time. Just in case you’ll need any assistance still related to Kedarnath Helicopter Service Booking For Groups,

GVML Kedarnath Helicopter Ticket Prices – Book Kedarnath Helicopter Service

Kedarnath Helicopter Starts every year in April or May , Timing for Next Day Return Ticket Departure Morning 06:30 AM to 10:30 AM, Helicopter to Kedarnath Service use Bell 407 which have seating capacity of 6 passengers one time depend on weight and weather conditions, On Average Yatra by Helicopter time: 7 minutes (One-way Flying time), Kedarnath Helicopter Service operates Approx 20 trips in one day (subject to weather and other technical conditions)

Helicopter To Kedarnath Ji Yatra

We OffersHelicopter Services : Shree.Kedarnath ji Dham Sirsi – Shree.Badrinath Jee – Sirsi (Next Day & Night Halt) Dehradun- Sh.Kedarnath Ji – Dehradun (Next Day & Night Halt) Dehradun- Sh. Badrinath Ji – Dehradun (Next Day & Night Halt) Delhi – Shree.Kedarnath Ji – Delhi (Next Day & Night Halt) Delhi – Shree.Badrinath Ji – Delhi (Next Day & Night Halt) Do Dham Yatra Sh.Kedarnath ji ,& Sh.Badrinath Ji from Dehradun (Next Day & Night Halt) Do Dham Darshan Sh.Kedarnath ji ,& Sh.Badrinath Ji from Delhi (Next Day & Night Halt) CHAR DHAM YATRA – BADRINATH, KEDARNATH, GANGOTRI, YAMUNOTRI From Dehradun CHAR DHAM YATRA – BADRINATH, KEDARNATH, GANGOTRI,YAMUNOTRI From Delhi

GVML Kedarnath Helicopter Ticket Prices  From Ex Sirsi

Kedarnath shrine is one of the most Lord that is revered Shiva located high up in the Garhwal Himalayas of Uttarakhand. This shrine is sold with Jyotirlingam of lord Shiva; the highest among all Jyotirlingams that our nation has.

The Kedarnath temple receives thousands of devotees each and kedarnath, being truly a the main Chota chardham circuit, is revered much among the pilgrimage circuit of the country year. Each during the Chardham yatra season devotees make their method to Kedarnath dham to spend their tribute to Kedarnath ji or Lord Shiva 12 months. The temple of Kedarnath can be reached by traversing a rugged path that is mountainous this rigorous trek commences from Gaurikund and covers a distance of about 14kms before you reach the holy Kedarnath shrine. The journey is tedious and perilous and time that is also. The exhaustion from the journey normally utterly high and by the time you reach the temple your legs will soon be inflamed and sore through the rigorous, up-hill trek.

Today the Kedarnath yatra by Helicopter has become one of the very most chosen choices to reach the Kedarnath temple specifically for all those who wish to evade the hardships of the long and time-taking route to Kedarnath. Helicopter yatra commences from Dehradun and brings you back to Dehradun once you have completed the darshan.

Check out the GVML Kedarnath Helicopter Ticket prices from Sirsi to Kedarnath as per new upgrade in charges. Book your helicopter tour to Kedarnath with us !!


GVML Kedarnath Helicopter Ticket Prices – Book Kedarnath Helicopter Service

Sirsi to Kedarnath
Sirsi to Kedarnath, back to Sirsi
Kedarnath to Sirsi

Besides our day-to-day Helicopter service to the shrine from Sirsi, Kedarnath Helicopter Services also offer charter service from Dehradun and Delhi. The Kedarnath Temple can be covered in 1 to 2 days based on your program and requirement.

Kedarnath Helecopter Service has made it easy for pilgrims to visit the Sh Kedarnath Ji temple at a reasonable ticket cost of Rs.7500/- plus Booking charges.

Kedarnath helicopter booking online Sirsi to kedarnath Kedarnath Helicopter Services is official website and authorized agents for helicopter scheduling we have been more than 100 tickets reserving a day more tickets booking on the spot and reservation online e tickets and booking start for 2018 price that is well and confirm tickets suppose that weather not cleared for helicopter services unavailable hundred person refund back booking open now and noted do not book seats other fake site any information fir kedarnath helicopter seats and date of start helicopter darshan kadarnath call our agents and greatest prices with guaranteed heli darshan and special discount old age persons for helicopter booking age proof show our countertop and simple book tickets on the spot and confirmation seats most importations date available online booking e mail us immediately book your slot.

Terms & Conditions for Kedarnath Helicopter Tour
Sirsi/Sersi/Badasu/Sirsi/Sirsi – Kedarnath – Sirsi/Sersi/Sirsi/Sirsi (Next Day) helipad Reporting time is 5 AM to 9 AM.
Sirsi/Sersi/Badasu/Sirsi/Sirsi – Kedarnath – Sirsi/Sersi/Sirsi/Sirsi (Night halt) helipad Reporting time is 9 AM to 12 Noon.
Sirsi/Sersi/Badasu/Sirsi/Sirsi – Kedarnath (One way) helipad Reporting time is 12 Noon to 3 PM.
Kedarnath – Sirsi/Badasu/Sersi/Sirsi/Sirsi (One way) Kedarnath helipad Reporting time is 5 Am to 8 AM.
This PDT is subjuct to grant of permission by DGCA, NGT and Uttrakhand Govt in favour RSTT/SKHS New Delhi failing witch 100% refund shell be made (Refundable amount) and non refundable/Sundry charge shell not be refund.
Aviation company name will be informed a day befor travel date by email, phone call or sms.
Devotees of Kedarnath yatra/Chardham yatra must make Bio-metric card, it is issued in all important places like Haridwar, Dehradun, Rishikesh, Sirsi, railway station and bus station of char dham route and all district in Uttarakhand.
Childern, senior citizen, ladies and two way passengers will have priority over one way passengers.
Passengers for Next Day return will have to buy Priority Dharshan slip of Rs. 2100/pax, this issued by Shri Kedarnath Ji Mandir Samiti (available helipad). Charges may vary depending upon Mandir Samiti decision.
Passengers weighing more than 85 kgs have to pay additional Rs 150/kg for additional weight.
The Next Day Return Pax will get only 2 hrs for darshan at kedarnath Ji Dham.
Children Above 2 years of age will be provided with a full seat and will be charged full fare. For infants less than two years the fare will be 10% of the ticket cost and no seat will be provided to the infants.
All Passenger should report at the given reporting time, the boarding may take place any time after that depending on traffic and flight schedule.
Passengers are entitled only one piece of baggage weighing not more than 3 kilograms, any additional piece of baggage will not be allowed.
In case of cancellation of flight for the day due to any reason, the next day Passenger will be given priority over previous day Passenger. If the seats are not available on next day, full fare will be refunded Payment gateway/sundry and service charges will not return/refund. else previous day passenger may be accommodated subject to availability of seat.
Disputes, if any , are to be settled by Courts in Delhi who will have the jurisdication in this regarard.
Policy of Cancellation Charges :

Note : Payment gateway/sundry and service charges will not return/refund.

• Ten days or above before the date of journey deduction is – 25%
• Four days to Nine days before the date of journey deduction is – 35%
• Between 48 to four days before the date of journey deduction is – 50%
• Less than 48 hrs before the journey deduction is -100% ( No Refund )

* Should the flight be cancelled due to reason beyond our control, like bad weather, technical fault, pilot illness, full refund is applicable. Two way Passenger if wants refund for one-way fare i.e. from Kedarnath Ji to Sirsi/Badasu/Maikhanda/Sirsi/Sirsi, the Refund will be Rs. 2500/- only irrespective of fare paid.
Note : Kindly provide Name, Age & Weight details of passengers for finalise booking

About Kedarnath Yatra

Kedarnath Dham : on the list of glorious mountain peaks being covered with nothing but snowstorm, lies one regarding the pilgrim sites being holiest of northern part of INDIA -“Kedarnath”. Fabled for the shrine that is ancient to Lord Shiva, it tenders an unflustered ambience with its colorful rhododendron woods, snow covered mountains and splendid places of nature. This city that is sacred visited by several thousand tourists from all over to seek the blessing of the lord and scout the undulating scenery of this region at an elevation of 11,755 ft above ocean degree. Nearly all the appeals nestled in higher altitude render every bystander a fascinating and experiencing that is enchanting. An amalgamation of adventure and devoutness is what makes it peerless and unique.

Kedarnath Ji History

The legend has it that after the battle of Kurukshetra, Pandavas of Mahabharata’s went on a journey to Varanasi to get blessings through the Lord because they had been accountable of killing their kith that is own and. However, Lord Shiva avoided meeting them, thus hiding himself in Guptakashi. When Pandavas found him, Lord Shiva made a decision to take the form of buffalo so they couldn’t recognize him. Seeing them coming closer Lord made a decision to become invisible by going underground. While doing that one of the five Pandavas, Bhima made a effort that is great stopping him by waiting on hold towards the legs and tail of the bull. Regrettably, the Lord dived and evaporated at that accepted place abandoning their hump which is now worshipped at Kedarnath Temple.
Details about Kedarnath
Best time to visit: May – and Mid Sept – Oct june
Populace: 479 (2001)
Region: Garhwal Himalaya
Altitude: 3553 mt.
STD code: 01364
Languages: Hindi
Nearby Destinations
Kedarnath Temple: Deemed to be erected by way of a philosopher that is great Shankaracharya during the 8th century, Kedarnath Temple is on the list of few shrines in northern Asia that requires an difficult trek to take the blessings of the Lord Shiva. The time that is better to visit the temple is from May to mid November.
Gauri Kund: Located on the road to Kedarnath temple at an elevation of 1982 m, Gauri Kund is a place that is religious posseses an ancient shrine specialized in Goddess Parvati. It really is believed that Parvati had done penance here to win Lord Shiva’s love.
Vasuki Tal:Vasuki Tal one of many primary destinations of Kedarnath among devotees and trekkers, Vasuki Tal is situated at a distance of 5 miles from Kedarnath. A lake at an level of 4135 m amid snow clad mountains is an view that is amazing. At this place, you can also catch a sight that is charming of Peaks.
Sonprayag: Situated at a height of 1829 m above sea level, Sonprayag magnetizes the attention for the travelers while on their tour to kedarnath. The place is bestowed with majestic views of gushing rivers and snowfall covered mountains making this accepted destination more beautiful and fascinating. Apart from this, this is a much honored place that is sacred. A faith is had by the people that using a dip into the rivers could have them rid of each of their sins.
Chopta: an trek that is appealing the gorgeous wonders of nature, Chopta is gifted with views of the imposing hills and lush meadows at a height of 2900 m. It is a spot that is perfect adventure buffs as it tenders wonderful opportunities of trekking.
Getting there
By Air: Jolly Grant Airport is the airport that is closest to make it to Kedarnath situated far away of 150 miles. Taxis are available from airport to Gauri Kund.
By Rail: The railhead that is nearest is positioned at Rishikesh, about 130 miles from Kedarnath. The other closest people are Haridwar, Kathgodam and Kotdwara.
By Road: One can easily achieve Gaurikund by roads from the main destinations of Uttarakhand and many other famous parts of India. One has to get on a trek of 8 kilometers from Gaurikund that leads to Kedarnath Temple. Regular bus and taxis services can be found from the destinations that are major Chamoli Haridwar, Rishikesh, Tehri, Srinagar and Dehradun.

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